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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pussy in my eye

Honest to doG conversation I had today with Large Fry

Large Fry: Mommy, I have a problem
Me: *not really paying attention* Mmhm..what is it Largie?
Large Fry: Mommy..I have pussy in my eye

*THUMP*My head against the refridgerator door trying to swivel around

Me: What? WHAT? What do you have?!
Large Fry: Pussy. I have pussy in my eye
Me: *Holding back extreme laughter* How..umm..how did this happen?
Me: OH! Pus. You have PUS in your eye
Large Fry: That's what I said MOMMY! Pussy! Ewwy gooey pussy in my eye.

Isettled him in front of Toopy and Bino. And then I laughed. Hard.