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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Twas the month before Christmas

Twas the Month before Christmas
and we were all in

Everyone was stiring
Even the chin

The stockings were hung by the tree with care
I pray to dog Large Fry leaves them there

The Mr has gone after milk for the babe
To ensure to all that my sanity is saved

As Small Fry lunges for the glass reindeer
I really wish he had bought more beer

And I sit here shopping, playing Santa Claus
The damn dog runs in with mud on her paws

The children are psycho, refusing bed
While visions of wine glasses dance in my head

Out on the lawn falls new fallen snow
I think to myself "Wow, Christmas stress really blows".

When in the living room arose such a clatter
I haul my ass off the computer to see what is the matter

When what in front of me should I see
Small Fry is taking a gigantic pee

The Large Fry is shrieking to my best guess
"Oh My God Mommy! Small Fry took a piss!'

I knew in that moment that wine was bliss

With me on the steamer
I realize I am quite the dreamer

I wish it was me calling out into the night
Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD NIGHT

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