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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mama your but IS big enough to fit in there!

Me and the Fries headed down to the downtown festivities to celebrate all that is Canadian at Canada Day. We get there and lo and behold they have an area set up for hoola hooping.

Does anyone remember these things? Making kids look UNCOOL since..forever. But Large Fry was having a blast. So I thought I would shake my groove thang in a hoola hoop. This is what was going through my mind:

Oh yes. That's me rocking that hoola hoop. The children are gazing adoringly while their mother sips a cocktail and hoola hoops in perfect time with her perfect hair and perfect makeup. It was a glorious image. I might have had on one of those 1950s dresses and heels. I was rocking that hoola hoop.

Until Large Fry talks. Remind me again why I taught him to talk? I was joking with another patron of the hoola hoop section.

Me: I hope my butt isn't too big for this hoola hoop!

Large Fry: Don't worry Mama! Your butt is VERY big enough for that hoola hoop! See Mama? See? It fits in the BIIG hoola hoop.

Behold. Large Fry's version:

Yes that is my digintiy buried beneath. No I don't think it's coming back.

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  1. Oh em gee. A typo in my title. That's because my ego is bruised clear up to my fingers.