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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memorable Quotes from Large Fry

While on our visit to Texas Large Fry is sleeping with his Nana and Pawpaw. Tonight a simple gem as told from Nana.

Nana comes to the back bedroom to find Large Fry with his hands in a certain place if you know what I mean. Nana asks him why he has his hands down his undies. Large Fry replies "I'm trying to tell the temperature of it."

PawPaw and Large Fry and to a degree Small Fry were having a fight in the living room. You could hear Large Fry screaming from all areas of the house "PAWPAW! You give me my purse back RIGHT.NOW or I'm going to FART on you! Now hold still so I can fart! Don't move!"

What a mixture of sensitive man and all boy with the purse and the farting. Every woman's dream.

Ever so often when Large Fry has done something (no telling what) to one or both of his grandparents you can hear him giggle and proclaim "What a laugh!"

And as always, when he want his way he tells PawPaw "Suck it up princess!"

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  1. hell i missed a few of these i had to go back and catch up! glad i did now my stomach hurts!