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Monday, July 11, 2011

How nonresponsible people get their children to eat

Large Fry doesn't eat. Or rather, Large Fry doesn't eat very well. If the child could sustain life on strawberries, chocolate milk, and cheese he would. Within the last few months, creative minds have been to work in getting more into the child. It could be compared how men helped Apollo 13 fix their shit before returning to work.

"Men, we have these objects before us. How do we construct this into something Large Fry will eat and sustain life? We have this and only this and we have 1 hour to get it done. No is not an option here people."

No is usually what I get anyways. But I give it my all. It's not my fault it all crashes and burns. Metaphorically speaking of course.

In the last month alone these tricks have been tried:

Reverse psychology

"I bet Large Fry CAN'T eat all that! I don't think he even CAN!"
Large Fry: Mommy, we shouldn't bet.


"Look how big and strong you will get if you eat ALL your dinner Large Fry!"
Large Fry: So?


"If you don't eat that you won't get a bedtime show!"
*cue overreaction alert and up until fuck o' clock with tears and mass hysteria*


"Large Fry if you don't start eating you will have to go the hospital and get a POKEY! It will hurt! If you eat, you don't get pokies"
Large Fry: "I will take YOU to the hospital and get a pokey. I DON'T LIKE POKIES!"

"Please Large Fry? Just one bite? One bite for me? Please, please, please???"
*blank stare*

Dramatic cries
"Mommy...quit yelling or you will go to time out.."

But the most responsible moment came when his Nana told him

"Large Fry, if you eat you can get big and say curse words like shit and fuck."
Large Fry: "Really?! REALLY?? If I eat ALL my food, I can grow and say shit and fuck??"
*cleans plate*

And that's how to get your kid to eat responsibly people.

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  1. -giggles- ah the fun words of youth. maybe that should be the standard parent trick before the rest LOL