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Thursday, January 27, 2011


PMS has hit my household hard this week. And by that I do not mean my usually sunny disposition is ruined by low grade levels of Bitchitis and threatening to cut said bitch for a bag of chips.

I mean PMS-Penis Measuring Systems.

I noticed this phenomenon had entered my home 2 days ago. I noticed Large Fry had entered the washroom and was relieving the 3rd Kool-aid Jammer he had taken without asking when he suddenly proclaimed that "My thingie is SO BIG! It's as big as Thomas's copling rods." To then my astonished face as to "What the fuck is a copling rod?!"

He has then began to measure his "thingie" against everything that will sit still.

What the hell is this?

So after two days of him measuring his "thingie" against this and that (and one call from his teacher about what NOT to do with counting bears) there was a payoff to all this.

This morning when my son got up for school he went to the washroom to conduct business. His father followed to "share" business. And then I overheard my son at the ripe age of four proclaim.................

"Well Daddy. Mine IS better. Not bigger. Better. See?"

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