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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mommy that looks dead

I can't draw. That is a proven fact. Like the Earth, wind, and tacos. You can't argue with it. Everything I draw looks dead. Houses? Dead. Trains? Dead. Even stick people. So when Large Fry asked me to draw him a cat I am apprehensive. Do I really want to expose my child to a dead cat? What good parent would do that?

But his big blue eyes won me over.

I pick a crisp white sheet of paper and a bright blue crayon. Everyone loves blue cats right?

This is what I drew:

Large Fry: Mommy what is that?

Me: It's a cat.

Large Fry: No, it's a monster

Me: It is a cat! You asked for a cat!

Large Fry: Mommy I think it looks dead.

Me: It's not dead! It's smiling

Large Fry: No I don't think so! I think it's dead.

See people. Even a 3 year old knows. Please don't ask me to draw.

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