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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hell's Kitchen

You know the show? I'm there. That scary guy in the chef's hat barking orders at the shaking would-be-chefs-in-training? That's Large Fry. The one quaking in the corner--that's me.

I'll confess I haven't been on my A game for cooking lately. I've been rocked by horrid lazyitis that I can't shake and I haven't felt like cooking "Frou dela Frou" for them.

Tonight's menu: Chicken nuggets, white gravy (That I get smuggled in from Nana Fry), and veggies.

Large Fry: WHAT is that?
Me: Dinner
Large Fry: It doesn't look right.
Me: It's right. It's chicken nuggets. One of your favorites
Me: WHY NOT?! *insert panick and heart palapitations*

*commercial break* aka Large Fry takes this chance to dance to a Justin Beiber song

Large Fry: They just don't. They don't look like chicken nuggets.
Me: What do they look like?
(Now this might have been my mistake...this was a can of worms I should have left closed. but I'm not so swift at times)

Large Fry: Looks like Fry dog ate them mom. Then stepped on them. They are too nuggetty.
Me: HOW can they be too NUGGETTY? THEY ARE NUGGETS?!
Large Fry: They don't have any leaves...

Just fire me already...

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